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An award winning memory care community and facility centrally located in the Western Suburbs that is 100% dedicated to Alzheimer’s and dementia care

Terra Vista is an All Inclusive Memory Care Assisted Living Community designed for those living with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia in Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois. Our Alzheimer’s and dementia care community is managed by a team of memory care experts with personal connections to dementia. The staff at our assisted living community is fully committed to creating compassionate human interactions with each resident.

Our Alzheimer’s and dementia care community features advanced security to ensure your loved one is safe. Following the Montessori approach, we create social and physical environments that support independence and enable residents to enjoy personally meaningful activities. We focus on the whole person, sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals with each resident and his or her family. We are a dementia care assisted living community that utilizes a  “person-centered,” dignified, and researched approach to Alzheimer’s and dementia care that has consistently led the industry. The staff at our memory care community offers both long term stays and short term respite memory care services.

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Services & Amenities

Life Continues in a Community That Cares

At Terra Vista, we believe in seeing our Alzheimer’s and dementia residents as individuals first, not their disease. To accomplish this, we’ve designed an award-winning memory care facility and community that gives Alzheimer’s and dementia residents 24-hour care in a place that feels just like home. We understand the challenges of moving a loved one into a memory care facility. However, you can rest assured because your loved one is not alone. Our community keeps residents safe while giving them the freedom to roam in a secure environment designed for those with Alzheimer’s or dementia. The staff at our community offer innovative services and amenities that are designed to enhance your loved one’s life.

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Custom Memory Care Services

Terra Vista of Oakbrook Terrace understands that the needs of each resident vary. To properly meet their demands and customize their care and services, we ask the resident’s family to fill out the “Life Story Questionnaire.” This questionnaire is designed to help our staff become familiar with your loved one’s habits, history, hobbies, personality, and interests. The “Life Story Questionnaire” helps give our staff details about who the resident is as a whole person. The staff at our memory care assisted living facility use this information to create meaningful and joyful moments with your loved one. Additionally, there are survey opportunities for families to send feedback on our services, quality of care, and more.

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Life Story Questionnaire

The “Life Story Questionnaire” has about 70-80 questions for the resident’s family to answer. This information provides the team at our memory care facility in Oakbrook Terrace with the tools necessary to help your family member continue to live a comfortable and familiar life.

We want to understand your loved one’s likes and preferences. This information helps us deliver customized dementia care services to each individual.

Below is a List of Details The Life Story Questionnaire Provides to Our Staff
Your Loved Ones:
Life Achievements
Past Traumas
Favorite Activities & Hobbies
Your Loved Ones:
Daily Routines
Current & Past Relationships
Career History
Ways to Calm the Resident
Things that Make the Resident Happy
Music and Other Preferences
Food Likes & Dislikes
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How Can I Receive Updates About My Mother, Father, or Family Member?

To receive community updates or calendar events, families are invited to use our Care Merge app and system. The Care Merge app features a calendar that is designed to display upcoming events and meal schedules at our dementia assisted living facility and community. In addition, the app features a messaging system that serves as a two way communication platform with families to exchange information about the resident and community. To ensure you are satisfied with our therapy programs and dementia care services, our team will send you a short Satisfaction Survey every 90 days through the Care Merge system. Your responses to this survey are used to improve the amenities, dining experience, quality of care or services, and activities in our community.

If you have a question about an upcoming doctor appointment or event, use the Care Merge app to message a staff member at Terra Vista. We will respond to your message quickly to keep you informed with the health of your mother, father, or family member in our community. You can access the Care Merge app on your computer or by downloading the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. We are committed to keeping you updated on the latest events and news in the community.

Safe & Innovative Living Areas

Our goal is to make the residents at our memory care facility feel at home. We do this by giving residents certain freedoms while ensuring their safety. We perform regular check-ins, offer routine assistance, monitor room temperature, install safety devices and more.

What Is The Apartment Layout?

To help residents feel at home, we designed our studio-style apartments to appear warm and inviting. Each furnished apartment features a bed, dresser, nightstand, large closet, windows, and private bathroom with varying room layouts and sizes designed to minimize confusion and encourage safety. Larger one-room apartments with two beds are designed to accommodate spouses or two family members that are living together. We use laminate flooring in each apartment and tile in the bathrooms for a modern and functional appearance.

The hallways in our memory care living facility are equipped with carpet and laminate flooring to help prevent tripping and other types of hazards. For your loved one’s safety at night, the apartments in our community feature bright and intuitive light fixtures. In the bathroom, we use motion sensor lights to help prevent accidents at night.

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Safety Measures We Take to Keep Residents Safe

The safety of your family member is of utmost importance. This is the reason the staff at our memory care living facility and community check in on residents routinely. Some residents are monitored more frequently depending on their mental and physical condition. During a routine check-in, we monitor the thermostat to ensure your loved one is comfortable. If your family member is unable to set the thermostat properly, we will install a tamper-proof box to keep the room at a safe temperature during the winter and summer seasons. We also install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in each apartment at our dementia assisted living community as an additional safety measure. To prevent injuries in the spa rooms, the showers are equipped with skid-resistant rugs, shower chairs, and handrails. If your loved one needs assistance, our staff of caregivers is always available to help with bathing.

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Health & Fitness Activities

At Terra Vista, we understand that keeping residents active helps them stay healthy and happy. The staff at our memory care living community in Oakbrook Terrace are committed to designing programs and activities to improve the overall quality of life for each resident. Whether it’s just going for a walk or finding a new hobby such as gardening, your loved one will enjoy a wide selection of stimulating and fulfilling activities.

Each program or therapy session complements your family member’s care. To help foster a mentally and physically healthy lifestyle, we offer the following programs and activities to residents.

Modified Exercise
Pet Therapy
Gardening Activities 
Art Therapy 
Sensory Based Programs
Music Therapy
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Food & Dining Options

Part of living a happy life is eating delicious and nutritious food. Residents have access to four neighborhood family-style dining rooms where they can eat with visiting family members, friends, and staff members. Our innovative dining rooms provide your loved one with beautiful views of our 18,000 square foot InnerWalk outdoor courtyard. The dining spaces at Terra Vista are designed to give your family member the opportunity of socialization with other residents and staff over a home-made meal.

What's On the Menu

Our culinary team puts together an appetizing menu that’s sure to make your family member feel at home. Residents can order a variety of meals, from sandwiches and pot roast to the homemade soup of the day.

On special occasions and holidays, we offer themed meals and snacks. To keep your family member satisfied between lunch and dinner, our staff offers tea, sandwiches, and various snacks throughout the day. In addition, the team at our memory care facility in Oakbrook Terrace offer brain-boosting smoothies and granola bars to residents to promote energy and healthy living.

Dining Safety

We use research-based dishware with special colored ring patterns to help residents identify dishware. The color contrast of the rings also fosters a healthy appetite according to studies. To enhance resident safety in the dining area, we use high quality plastic cups that look identical to glassware. Resident diets can be modified depending on their needs and adaptive utensils are utilized when beneficial


To encourage residents to stay hydrated, our common living areas and front desk have drinking stations. The hydration stations feature clear pitchers of water filled with attractive fresh fruit to encourage residents to drink water every day.
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Terra Vista

6 Signs It’s Time To Move A Family Member to Our Dementia Care Community

Discovering your family member needs memory care is not easy. It’s normal not to know what to do, but it’s vital you address the situation. Our dementia assisted living facility is designed with the resources necessary to take care of your loved one. To help you determine if it’s time to transition your loved one into our community, we have created a list of factors to consider.

You Are Tired

Caring for someone with dementia can take a toll on you emotionally and physically, leading to caregiver burnout. In trying to provide the best care for your loved one, you may inadvertently harm your own health, especially if you’re caregiving alone. Memory care communities can give you the rest you need while also keeping you involved with important decisions and your loved one’s plan of care.

Top 6 Conditions That Are Misdiagnosed As Alzheimer’s Disease

Your Family Member Wanders

Do you notice your family member waking up in the middle of the night or becoming disoriented? This may lead to wandering. Wandering can be dangerous, especially in winter or summer, as it exposes them to extreme weather. They may also get lost and won’t know how to get back home. A benefit of moving your loved one into a memory care facility is obtaining access to enclosed outdoor spaces, such as the Innerwalk™ courtyard, that provides safety and freedom to roam and engage with the outdoors.

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Your Loved One is Lonely

Unfortunately, people with dementia can easily experience loneliness and an increased risk of depression. In memory care communities, residents have scheduled activities specially designed for them. These activities promote a sense of purpose and help mitigate the anxiety and agitation that dementia often brings.

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Changes in Physical Appearance & Health

Common indicators that your loved one needs assistance include weight changes, posture changes, and mobility problems. If your family member is going through weight changes, they could be forgetting to eat or have forgotten that they have eaten and eat again. If they are moving slowly, it could be a sign of disorientation or confusion. In memory care facilities, the staff will watch over your family member’s diet and nutrition to ensure they are eating healthy.

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You Are Concerned With Your Family Members Safety

If you constantly worry about your loved one’s safety, a memory care facility may be a better option. At a memory care community, people with dementia can get the specialized care they need from trained caregivers at any time of the day.

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Your Loved One is Not Practicing Personal Care

Neglecting personal hygiene, such as unwashed clothes, unkempt hair, and body odor signify that it may be time to move to a memory care assisted living community and facility. Beyond that, if your family member is missing doctor appointments or forgets to bathe, they may be showing signs of dementia. In a memory care community, personal care and assistance are included in daily activities to keep your family member in good shape.

Top 6 Conditions That Are Misdiagnosed As Alzheimer’s Disease
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How Our Staff Alleviates Agitation & Anxiety With Residents

If a resident with dementia has anxiety or agitation, they may more easily become confused or disoriented. These situations are delicate, and our well-trained staff handles them accordingly. Keeping your loved one comfortable and stress-free means they can live a happier life.

Develop a Calm Environment

Part of handling anxiety or agitation is developing an environment that promotes a sense of calm. We achieve this by removing stressors, moving the individual to a quiet or safe area, and comforting them with a security object. A security object is anything that brings comfort or calmness when held by a resident. Staff are also trained to utilize the resident’s life story and give answers that make sense to them or help calm them.

4 Tips For Dementia Caregivers to Follow at Mealtime

Eliminate Environmental Triggers

Anything from noise, glare, and background distractions such as television can sometimes activate a resident’s anxiety or agitate them. We are mindful of triggers and do our best to eliminate them by either reducing the noise or distraction or relocating the resident.

Take Steps to Enhance the Comfort of Residents

We understand that residents may have fears and frustrations that are not always easily communicated. To ensure your loved one is comfortable and safe, the staff at our memory care living facility performs routine checks for pain, discomfort, fatigue, hunger, thirst, infection, and skin irritations. We also monitor the temperature of your family member’s room to ensure a comfortable environment for living.

Simplifying Routines

Overly complicated tasks or routines can induce anxiety or agitation. That’s why our staff makes routines and activities as simple as possible for residents and are trained to break down tasks according to the resident’s ability.

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Discover a Community That Cares

At Terra Vista, we take a resident-centered approach to the way we care for our residents living with dementia and Alzheimer’s . The staff at our memory care facility in Oakbrook Terrace are dedicated to helping residents live happily. We oversee and directly look after living areas, eating habits, food allergies, and medications. In our memory care facilities, your loved one’s safety and health are our number one priorities.

Our professional nursing staff can offer medical services for residents living with Alzheimer’s and dementia 24 hours a day, so you can rest assured knowing your loved one is receiving proper care. If you are struggling to care for a family member with dementia, give us a call at (630) 534-0886 to discuss our memory care community and program services.

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