10 Stimulating Memory Care Activities for Dementia Patients

Are you struggling to find engaging memory care activities that your loved one with dementia will enjoy? Check out our comprehensive list of memory care activities to find one that best fits your loved one’s personality, interests, and skill level.

knitting3 Creative Activities for Dementia Patients

Dementia patients engaging in creative activities can stimulate the brain and potentially improve cognitive function in individuals with dementia. Additionally, creative activities for dementia can provide a calming and enjoyable outlet, reduce feelings of agitation and anxiety, enhance communication, and encourage socialization.

  1. Paint & Draw: Painting or drawing with your loved one stimulates creativity, encourages individual expression, and can improve memory. If you’re worried about making a mess, opt for drawing rather than painting.
  2. Knit: Knitting can reduce anxiety and pain in your loved one with dementia. They will also find satisfaction in creating something they can use or wear.
  3. Make a Memory Box: Fill a decorative box with mementos from throughout your loved one’s life—like photos, dried flowers, accessories, and letters. This activity can trigger happy memories and bring them joy.

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seniors with dementia completing a puzzle4 Group Activities for Dementia Patients

Group activities for dementia patients can provide several benefits, including the opportunity for social interaction, which can reduce feelings of isolation and depression. Additionally, group activities for dementia can provide a sense of purpose and promote a feeling of belonging, which can help maintain cognitive function and improve overall quality of life.

  1. Play Board Games: Board games encourage cognitive stimulation, problem-solving, and socialization. They can also spark positive memories of playing the same board games in the past.
  2. Solve Puzzles: Whether it’s a jigsaw or a crossword, doing puzzles with your loved one encourages problem-solving and socialization. We recommend choosing a relatively simple puzzle that will cause minimal frustration and confusion. If you choose a jigsaw puzzle, you can frame the completed version and use it as a decor piece.
  3. Listen to Music: Listening to music with your loved one—especially songs that hold personal significance—can remind them of special events and experiences. They might even feel like singing or dancing along.
  4. Tell Jokes: Studies have shown that laughter brings dementia patients joy and reduces their stress levels. Get ready to pull out your best quips and puns to lighten the mood.

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Senior with dementia gardening3 Sensory Activities for Dementia Patients

Sensory activities for dementia patients can promote relaxation, stimulate the senses and reduce feelings of anxiety, provide a calming and enjoyable outlet, and improve overall well-being.

  1. Garden: Gardening is a simple yet productive activity that allows your loved one to get some fresh air and soak in the sunshine. It also gives them a chance to experience different smells and textures. Raised gardens are best as they require no kneeling and minimal bending. You can even use the fruits and vegetables you grow to make delicious recipes.
  2. Look Through Old Scrapbooks: Thumbing through old photos can spark memories and remind your loved one of happy times in their life. This activity poses an opportunity to ask questions and prompt storytelling.
  3. Cook Family Recipes: Pick a recipe with simple ingredients and clear instructions—like a salad, dip, or no-bake dessert. Your loved one will take pride in making something they can enjoy all on their own. This activity also increases sensory recognition through smell, taste, and touch.

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Activities for Memory Care at Terra Vista of Oakbrook Terrace

From art therapy to songwriting, Terra Vista residents have the opportunity to participate in various life enrichment activities that promote independence, personal expression, and sensory and intellectual stimulation. These activities have also been shown to slow the progression of dementia.

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