5 Steps to Creating a Safe Aging Home

We tend to think of our homes as safe places. Everything has its place and its purpose so that we are out of harm’s way for ourselves and our children. Unfortunately, we tend to forget seniors and the possible hazards that a come can create. As seniors get older, the things that were once safe can now cause them harm. Here are 5 things you can do to modify the home so you can be at ease.

Simple Tips to Create a Safe Aging Home

Remove items that create a trip hazard.

It is nice to add little touches to a room for decoration, but sometimes these decorations can become hazardous. For example, rugs can bunch and create a dangerous situation for someone to fall. Beware of things like loose cords or pet bowls. These things may not seem like a big deal, but if they are not in a secluded location, it can create a situation where a senior could fall and get injured.

Create space.

Minimize. Minimize. Minimize. Get rid of any unnecessary furniture and make sure there is sufficient walking space in all rooms of the house.

Re-organize for comfort.

Take note of items that are used often. Make sure that these items are always stored in the same place and that they are easily in reach. Go through the home and re-organize everything so that the most important things are in eyesight. This can include closets and pantries. Make sure that relevant and favorite clothes or foods are at the forefront.

Don’t forget the bathrooms.

Showers can be a huge hazard for slipping and falling in the elderly. Make sure that you buy shower mats with good traction to avoid an accident. While you’re making modifications here, it could be a good time to lower the water temperature on the water heater so that the option of serious burns can be eliminated.

Lighten up.

If the home has many windows, try to keep them open as much as possible for the natural sun to brighten up the room. Not only will this brighten moods, but it will increase visibility in the home. Where you can, use lamps or purchase stick-on lights in hard-to-see areas such as hallways and staircases.

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