$765 Billion

Seven hundred and sixty five billion dollars!  That is the estimated amount of money that Medicare will spend on Alzheimer’s care in 2050 if an effective treatment isn’t discovered.  This number is staggering, even by today’s standards.  Alzheimer’s is already the 6th leading causes of death in the US (5th leading cause for people 65 and older) and left unchecked, will reach epidemic proportions as the Baby Boomers age into the high risk group.

It is for these reasons that the Alzheimer’s Association, along AIM (Alzheimer’s Impact Movement), have been fighting hard to gain awareness and seek funding form the US government.  In 2011, the National Alzheimer’s Project Act (NAPA) was signed into law, calling for a national plan for dealing with the disease.  Within a year, the federal government released the “National Plan to Address Alzheimer’s Disease”.  The plan is to effectively treat the disease for those who have and to hold of the development of the disease or even prevent it in others by 2025.  The Alzheimer’s Association is using their annual Advocacy Forum held in Washington D.C. to get in front of lawmakers and show them how important this  act is and what can happen if they do not support and move on this issue quickly.

The Alzheimer’s Association presents some very interesting facts about potental savings if an effective treatment was discovered.

Quick Facts

Alzheimer's Disease Alzheimer's Disease Alzheimer's Disease
Alzheimer's Disease
Alzheimer's Disease Alzheimer's Disease Alzheimer's Disease

(Infographic provided by the Alzheimer’s Association – “Changing the Trajectory of Alzheimer’s Disease:  How a Treatment by 2025 Saves Lives and Dollars”)

The 2015 Forum is fast approaching.  Sessions will be held in the nation’s capitol March 23rd – 25th.  Advocacy Ambassadors will be working hard to get the backing of their assigned state and federal representatives.   The government, on all levels, needs to make Alzheimer’s research a priority for the sake of the entire country.  If nothing is done now, it will be too late to stop the crisis that is brewing.

Terra Vista will be sending Nancy McCaffrey, Director of Senior Housing, to the forum.  McCaffrey is an Ambassador for the Alzheimer’s Association and has already been working closely with Illinois Congresswoman,  Tammy Duckworth of the 8th Congressional District.  She will continue her work in D.C., promoting the importance of this program to our elected officials and lawmakers.  Like many of the Ambassadors, and those involved with the Alzheimer’s Association and AIM, McCaffrey has a personal history with the disease.  She assisted in the care of her grandmother who had Alzheimer’s.  Since then, McCaffrey has always had a strong desire to promote better care, better treatments and, hopefully, sooner than later, a cure.

We encourage everyone to reach out to their elected officials and let them know how important funding is for Alzheimer’s research.   If you would like to know about this event and/or organization, please call Terra Vista at 630-534-0886 or visit Advocacy Forum 2015.