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An estimated six million American adults are living with Alzheimer’s disease—and one out of three is over 85. At Terra Vista, the staff at our Alzheimer’s care facility in Oakbrook Terrace community is dedicated to slowing the effects of Alzheimer’s through brain-stimulating programs, accessible amenities, life enrichment, and human compassion.

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Why Terra Vista

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Considering Alzheimer’s care for your loved one?

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When To Consider An Alzheimer’s Care Facility

Even though the cause of Alzheimer’s is still unknown, it is linked to several risk factors like age, genetics, mild cognitive disease, and lifestyle choices.

If your loved one is struggling to bathe regularly, forgetting to take medication, having trouble remembering to eat or drink, or is getting lost on routes, then it may be time to consider Alzheimer’s assisted living at our memory care facility.

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How We Help Slow the Progression of Alzheimer’s

Since the risks of Alzheimer’s can vary, our team uses different methods to help slow the advancement of the disease.


Physical Exercise

Physical exercise helps prevent cognitive decline. This can range from activities like walking, swimming, biking, or dancing. Our Alzheimer’s care facility has a variety of programs that will keep your loved one active, such as group walks in our Innerwalk™ courtyard or participation in our garden club.

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A Healthy Diet

The dining staff at our Alzheimer’s care facility prepare delicious and salt-free meals to incorporate healthy foods into your loved one’s diet. We also offer plenty of brain-boosting snacks throughout the day. The Alzheimer’s caregivers at Terra Vista will always be available to assist your family member when they are eating meals.

7 Foods Associated With a Decreased Risk of Alzheimer’s Disease

Stress Management

Terra Vista has excellent stress management resources through enjoyable life enrichment programs. Types of life enrichment programs include bell choir, garden club, aromatherapy, and other therapies like art, music, and yoga. We also have pet therapy and daily sensory-based programming.

Alzheimer's Care Services in Oakbrook Terrace, IL


Reclusion and loneliness can worsen your loved one’s Alzheimer’s disease. That’s why socialization plays a big role in keeping the progression of your family member’s Alzheimer’s at bay. Our life enrichment programs and stations help your loved one make new friends through healthy interactions.


Sufficient Sleep

Those with Alzheimer’s need a healthy amount of sleep each night. Sleeping at least seven to eight hours a night is also connected to greater amyloid removal and can indirectly slow the progression of Alzheimer’s. Our team takes great care in ensuring that your family member follows a regular sleep schedule.

Terra Vista in Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois

Stimulating Activities

Hobbies keep your family member mentally stimulated. At Terra Vista, your loved one can still enjoy the activities they used to love in the past. Our staff helps your loved one’s brain stay active and alert through fun games and activities like puzzles, crosswords, chess, checkers, card games, and more.

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Alzheimer’s Care Facility in Oakbrook Terrace, IL

Is your loved one suffering from Alzheimer’s disease? You don’t have to be alone. Our entire team at Terra Vista of Oakbrook is specially trained to ensure your family member gets the individual care they need. If you are considering Alzheimer’s care for your loved one, please contact us to learn more about our barrier-free layout, programs, and amenities.

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