Nursing homes using technology to help with isolation under COVID-19

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How to Care for Someone With Dementia During the Holiday Season

The holidays call for extravagant times: gift-giving, jovial Christmas tunes, giggling children playing around the Christmas tree, fun family games, tons of laughter, tons of food, and most importantly, the gathering of family. These precious get-togethers are what make the holidays special. But for loved ones with dementia, this may cause unanticipated stress: loud sudden noises, blaring music, children horseplaying

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Terra Vista’s Executive Director Natalie McFarland Named the 2019 Certified Dementia Practitioner of the Year

Terra Vista of Oakbrook Terrace’s Executive Director Natalie McFarland, BSN, RN, CDP has been named the Certified Dementia Practitioner of the Year by the National Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners for her outstanding work in the field of dementia care. The award presentation is December 3rd, 2019, at Terra Vista of Oakbrook Terrace and will be attended by Chief Operations

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Terra Vista of Oakbrook Terrace Earns AFA’s National ‘Excellence in Care’ Distinction

The Alzheimer’s Foundation of America (AFA) has announced that Terra Vista of Oakbrook Terrace, in Oakbrook Terrace, IL, has earned AFA’s “Excellence in Care (EIC) Dementia Care Program of Distinction.” Dementia care settings are eligible to achieve this national recognition after successfully undergoing an extensive evaluation of staff, procedures, and environment, ensuring best practices in dementia care. “Terra Vista of

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Cooking Tips for Caregivers

It is difficult for anyone to find the time to prepare fresh, healthy meals, let alone a caregiver.  Yet, nutrition is so important for both the caregiver and the person they are caring for.  It is easy, and tempting, to rely on fast food, take out and frozen meals.  However the majority of these foods are sorely lacking in nutrients

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CareMerge Kickoff

Terra Vista is a technology driven Alzheimer’s assisted living community and is excited to announce the kick off of “Vista Social”, our new web based community and family engagement application.  Teaming up with world renowned, CareMerge, an innovative and tech savvy organization who is paving the way to enhance communication within the care community, Vista Social is one more example

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War of the Words

Among the many struggles of caring for someone with Alzheimer’s is communication.  It can be extremely frustrating, for both parties.  The first concern that caregivers and family members bring up during a consultation or support group is usually a problem with communication.  This can range from hyper-repetitive questions, usage of incorrect words and even cursing or offensive language.  There are

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Find Your Green Thumb

It looks as if winter is behind us as the days grow warmer and spring flowers can be seen poking through the dead leaves and brown grass.  This is the time when avid gardeners start planning their projects and getting everything in shape for the season.  Many of us look at these masters of the soil and envy their diligence

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Why I Advocate – Part 2

Sundowning is a term given to those with Alzheimer’s who exhibit an increase in agitation and restlessness in the afternoon.  It has something to do with our circadian rhythm and everything to do with increased confusion.  My responsibility after school was to start the dinner that my mother had usually prepared in advance.  In addition, I was to set the

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Why I Advocate – Part 1

Written by: Nancy McCaffrey,  Director of Operations, Terra Vista of Oakbrook Terrace & Alzheimer’s Association Advocacy Ambassador I’m often asked how I got involved with Alzheimer’s care, both professionally and politically.  The reason is personal.  My Grandmother developed dementia when I was still a teenager.  My mother, her only child, was in her 40’s.  Our family lived on the East

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