How to Care for Someone With Dementia During the Holiday Season

The holidays call for extravagant times: gift-giving, jovial Christmas tunes, giggling children playing around the Christmas tree, fun family games, tons of laughter, tons of food, and most importantly, the gathering of family. These precious get-togethers are what make the holidays special.

But for loved ones with dementia, this may cause unanticipated stress: loud sudden noises, blaring music, children horseplaying throughout the home, flashing Christmas lights, and a rush of people with unfamiliar faces bombarding your loved one with many questions — How are you feeling? Do you remember me?

Although completely unintentional, this busy occasion can cause quite a disturbance for individuals with dementia. So, how do you care for someone with dementia over the holidays to ensure they aren’t nervous or stressed?


Holiday Tips For Dementia Caregivers

People with dementia can be nervous about the things that happen over the holiday season such as visiting extended family and the parties held at them. Being able to help make the day a successful one for your loved one is an important thing to do. Here are some ideas for helping your loved one to get through the holidays and have a good time.

Alter Expectations for the Holidays

You are not lowering expectations — the holidays can still be a wonderful time! The first step to caring for someone with dementia over the holidays is to make room for the unpredictable. You never know how your loved one will react to a change of routine. The best you can do is be mindful of your loved one’s feelings, and perhaps, adjust a few of your traditional activities to keep your loved one comfortable.

The Effects on the Holidays Vary From Person to Person

For some loved ones with dementia, the holidays can be a cheerful time. For others, it might cause extreme stress. The aggravation of dementia symptoms varies from person to person and depends on the current state of mind. When you’re dealing with dementia over the Christmas season, do not take the reactions of your loved one personally. Stick to the routine as best as you can, and keep your loved ones surrounded by things they are familiar with.

Make Sure You Are Taking Care of Yourself as Well

It’s okay to seek help. The holidays are stressful times, and as a caregiver, your state of mind should be taken into consideration as well. Terra Vista offers exceptional respite care to loved ones with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. Our memory care respite program is created to provide temporary relief to at-home caregivers, allowing you time to take care of yourself and your family.

If your Christmas involves running errands, traveling, and taking care of visiting family members, consider our respite program. Terra Vista ensures that your loved one will be treated with absolute care. The staff at our memory care community are trained to deal with dementia and its various symptoms.

If you have any inquiries about Terra Vista’s Respite Memory Care Program, contact one of our experts to schedule a consultation today!


6 Tips to Take With You Wherever You Go!

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