The importance of physical activity

  • 19 June, 2017
The importance of physical activity

No matter what age or condition, physical activity is extremely important for our well being. It increases positive hormones in our body and it makes sure that the body continues to run properly. Although Alzheimer’s patients cannot partake in strenuous exercise regimes, there are a good amount of exercises that are safe and beneficial for them.

Information for Caregivers in Choosing Exercises

  1. The morning is the most ideal time to partake in exercises. Put some time aside dedicated to exercising together.
  2. Make sure you are realistic about the activity and the amount of time you spend exercising. A good suggestion is to do exercise in ‘shifts’. You could do a couple of short exercise workouts throughout the day.
  3. Drink water! This is essential to everyone all the time, but it is especially important to keep hydrated while exercising.
  4. Choose an exercise that is easy to understand. Make sure you have a good set of directions in easy to follow steps for what you and the patient will do.

Good Exercises to Try

  1. Housework. It might not seem like exercise, but it requires light amounts of working out.
  2. Go for a walk. Who doesn’t enjoy a bit of time in the outdoors?
  3. Find exercise DVDs that are targeted for the elderly. This way, the directions are already broken down for you and the patient.
  4. Dance. Find out the patient’s favorite songs and get them motivated to get moving.
  5. Start a garden and work together.

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