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Learn why more than 40% of our residents come to us from other facilities


Learn why 40% of our residents come to us from other memory care facilities


At Terra Vista, we are an all-inclusive memory care assisted living community that specializes in Alzheimer’s and dementia care. We offer an all-inclusive 12 month guaranteed rate to make it easier to plan for your family member’s health and financial future.

The person-centered focus of the staff at our memory care assisted living community allows us to successfully care for your loved one and also foster a strong and genuine bond, ensuring that they are treated as a whole person.

Our memory care assisted living community balances safety and security through a barrier-free design that gives your loved one the freedom to stroll, explore and achieve an optimum level of functional independence while remaining safe. Our leading life enrichment program promotes day-to-day mental stimulation, physical engagement, and social interaction.

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Come tour our memory care community and take a look at our individual private apartments, multi-sensory way-finding markers, full-service dining, Utopia Lounge, outdoor courtyard, and much more. We provide innovative solutions to ensure that your loved one lives his or her most comfortable life.

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5 Questions to Help You Determine When It’s Time For Memory Care

If you are spending a decent amount of time caring for an older family member at their house, you may be wondering if it’s time to transition them to a memory care living facility. Since the severity of dementia symptoms can vary each day, it can be hard to determine when it is no longer safe for your loved one to live independently. To help you assess the mental and physical health of your family member, we have created a list of 5 questions that can be used to confirm if it’s time to partner with a memory care assisted living community.

Memory Care1.) Is Your Family Member Irritated or Anxious?

Older adults with dementia may become irritated or aggressive with their caregivers. In addition, it is not abnormal for a senior with Alzheimer’s disease to become aggressive with their significant other. If your family member hits or verbally abuses you while you are caring for them, this may be a sign it’s time to consider a memory care assisted living facility. In addition, an individual may start to become paranoid as they reach the middle stages of dementia. Your loved one may accuse you of theft and dishonesty. If you’re struggling to care for a family member with dementia, give our team a call by phone at (630) 534-0886.

2.) Is Your Loved One Struggling With Hygiene?

If your family member with dementia is living independently at their home, it’s important to visit them a couple of times a week to inspect the cleanliness of their kitchen, bathrooms, and bedroom. In addition, you will need to confirm that your mother or father is not struggling with bathing each day. Although it may be awkward to ask a parent if they need assistance with basic hygiene, it will help you determine their level of independence.

In a large number of cases, your loved one may be embarrassed to admit they need help styling their hair or applying makeup. An easy way to alleviate pressure and maintain dignity is to offer support to your family member with daily tasks such as getting dressed, making the bed, and bathing. If caring for your parent is starting to become too overwhelming, give the team at our memory care facility in Oakbrook Terrace a call by phone at (630) 534-0886. We offer specialized care programs for individuals with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia.

3.) Is Your Aging Parent Anxious or Detached?

As the symptoms of dementia become severe, your family member may begin to use more energy to remember doctors appointments, deadlines, family events, and daily routines. Since your loved one is exerting a large amount of energy to help minimize the symptoms of Alzheimer’s, they may not have enough energy or desire to socialize or perform hobbies. If your family member is declining invitations to events with friends, this is an indicator they may need to be moved to a memory care living family.

Memory Care4.) Is Your Parent Following Their Medication Schedule?

At the beginning stages of Alzheimer’s disease, your mother or father may forget to take their prescription medication each day. However, this type of issue can usually be temporarily resolved by purchasing pill separators. In addition, apply sticky notes to the fridge and other areas of the home to provide your loved ones with subtle reminders to take their medication.

A simple method that can be used to remind your family member of daily tasks is a to-do list. Place a to-do list in the bedroom or in the kitchen to remind your loved one to clean the house, pay bills, and cook dinner. If your family member is neglecting your reminders to bathe and pay bills, this is a sign it’s time to transition them to a memory care living family.

5.) Does Your Family Member Wander?

Once your loved one reaches the middle to late stages of Alzheimer’s disease, they may become disoriented and start to wander in the middle of the night. Your family member may wander away from home and become lost. If your mother or father is continuously wandering, the safest way to respond is to transition them to a memory care facility. Our team will watch your loved one each day to ensure that they socialize and explore in a safe setting.

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