A Multi-Sensory Courtyard With Activities, Gardens, & Activities


Terra Vista is a memory care community in Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois that offers the most expansive multi-sensory outdoor courtyard in the region. At over 18,000+ sqft Innerwalk™ is an amazing blend of beauty, function, and offers magnificent gardens, pathways, and activities for seniors that have Alzheimers and dementia.

The entirety of Innerwalk™ is “dementia capable” meaning that each and every element was specifically chosen or designed to enhance a users experience. Seniors and their families actively interact with Innerwalk’s™ many activities, including wayfinding elements, wide circular pathways with ample seating, unblocked views, herb and butterfly gardens featuring non-toxic plants, assistive lighting, and the Serenity Fountain with its “dancing waters”.

Terra Vista in Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois


Innerwalk™ has varied specialty gardens including Motion Garden, Butterfly Garden, Shade Garden, Sun Garden, Color Garden, Chef’s Garden, Heritage Garden, Living Wall, Veterans Garden, Cutting Garden, and Blended Garden. Each garden offers activities that are designed to promote mental and physical health.

Numerous studies demonstrate that gardens and horticulture have the ability to reduce stress and anxiety in people with dementia.  Despite the loss of cognition, a connection to nature remains strong throughout the progression of the disease.  These natural spaces and activities for seniors have proven to modify behaviors through their calming effects. Further, the act of gardening is beneficial in that it gives the person with dementia a sense of purpose and usefulness; both of which those with dementia can lack as they adjust to the symptoms.


With safety the number one priority at our dementia community in Oakbrook Terrace, each feature, plant and space has been carefully selected to stimulate and engage our dementia residents in body, mind and spirit. These specially selected plants attract a wide range of birds, butterflies and other wildlife. Residents can leisurely stroll through InnerWalk™ on its wide paths, exploring the various activities along the way; all the while basking in sunlight and fresh air.

By design, InnerWalk™ is an “internal, outdoor courtyard,” meaning it can only be entered and exited from inside Terra Vista. This allows the residents to freely move in and out without fear of wandering off or getting lost. The paths and interactive activities have been purposely designed with ample places to sit and relax or have a nice visit, including the gazebo, neighborhood entrances and benches along the path.

The benefits of Innerwalk™ aren’t limited to the residents at our memory care community. Both families and staff experience positive moments from these spaces and activities as well. Innerwalk™ provides a relaxing, yet entertaining, environment for family members and their technology curious children to visit and enjoy. Staff utilize InnerWalk™ as a shared space with residents, building relationships and unwinding together.

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