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Innovative Technologies

Innovative Technologies for Residents With Alzheimer's & Dementia in Oakbrook, Terrace, Illinois

Pioneering stay-connected apps keep families connected

An individual with dementia fares best when staying connected to his or her family network as well as the outside world. Our community is specifically designed to extend beyond our residents by including vital family and support system members who are an integral part of their world. Our state-of-the-art apps and related technologies make it possible for you to:

  • View our calendar of events.
  • Receive notifications of activity attendance.
  • Come together to share news and good times.
  • Have more enjoyable and meaningful visits.
  • Find out when the next doctor’s visit is scheduled.
  • Streamline communication: send secure messages directly to the staff, which can only be viewed by authorized users, eliminating unnecessary phone calls, texts and emails.
  • …and much more.

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