Pets of Terra Vista

At Terra Vista, we are animal lovers.

See below for some friendly (and furry) faces that will visit your loved one at Terra Vista.

Our Pet Visitors!


Meet Xena!

Xena is a new addition to the Terra Vista Family. She comes to the office every day with Susan, our Director of Nursing. Xena’s mother brought her litter of kittens to Susan’s daughter’s house. Xena is marked with Terra Vista’s colors of Orange and Gray, so she was a natural fit for the family. She’s currently 4 months old and hops in her carrier each day to head to the office. She makes rounds with Susan and loves to sit in laps and be pet. She is already a regular at activities on the second floor. Welcome, Xena!


Meet Poseidon!

Poseidon is a 10-year-old Portuguese Water Dog who regularly visits the Terra Vista residents. She has been coming to the building since the opening and she has a devoted following. She loves to greet her fan club and goes from resident to resident for ear scratches and affection. She gladly accepts treats and knows who can be convinced to give her a dog biscuit. Poseidon also enjoys trotting around the InnerWalk and being a beloved visitor to Terra Vista.

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