Empowered and Engaged Resident


We want our residents to feel truly at home in our welcoming community. As a result, we are pleased to provide amenities that satisfy their need for comfort and care, while inspiring creativity and sensory appeal.

Our purpose-driven gathering spaces are each designed with a purpose inspired by the lifestyle characteristics of brain health: social connection, physical activity, spirituality, nutrition and mental stimulation. To that we add other elemental amenities.

InnerWalk™: Terra Vista boasts the most expansive multisensory outdoor courtyard in the region, going far beyond magnificent gardens and pathways. Herb and butterfly gardens, Dementia-Capable planter boxes, dancing waters and visual icons that educate both resident and family on the “hows and whys” of our design are just part of the many features designed to promote cognitive and physical activity.

Utopia Lounge: This beautifully appointed lounge is a wonderful place for residents and their visiting family members to grab a light snack, play Brain Games or chat.

Garden Room: Sometimes, fresh air and ample sunshine are the most restorative therapies. Our bright, airy and spacious Garden Room is the perfect space for residents and family members to gather to engage together in horticulture therapy and leisurely relaxation.

Beauty & Barber Shop: Just about everybody feels better after a gentle hair trim or shave. You can treat your family member to a little extra pampering simply by calling ahead to make an appointment.

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