Empowered and Engaged Resident

Treating the Whole Person

We use the proven and successful CARES® approach. The acronym stands for:

Connect with the resident

Assess behavior

Respond appropriately

Evaluate what works

Share with team

CARES® person-centered approach for caring for someone with memory loss focuses on developing an understanding of your family member, forging a strong connection based on respect, striving to enhance his or her happiness and well-being, and taking our place as a trusted support. All the while, your loved one is treated as a whole person with physical, emotional and cognitive needs.

In addition, CARES® suggests that what a person with dementia needs is a caring friend who empathizes with his or her situation, remains loving and positive and is dedicated to helping the person feel safe, secure and valued. Our multi-disciplinary approach ensures your loved one’s optimal care.

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