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The Effects of Alzheimer’s Disease On Our 5 Senses

One of the things that makes Alzheimer’s, and all dementia for that matter, so devastating is that it destroys the most important organ we have, the brain. As the control center for our entire body, the brain plays a role in every function. This, of course, includes how our senses work, from perception to reaction. Since different parts of the

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8 Ways to Communicate With Someone That Has Dementia

It’s not always easy to communicate with an individual that has dementia or Alzheimer’s. A lot of emotions are involved and it is difficult to assess what your loved one is thinking or going through. If you’re looking for ways to make your family member comfortable, we have outlined 8 tips you should utilize while talking to someone with dementia.

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War of the Words

Among the many struggles of caring for someone with Alzheimer’s is communication.  It can be extremely frustrating, for both parties.  The first concern that caregivers and family members bring up during a consultation or support group is usually a problem with communication.  This can range from hyper-repetitive questions, usage of incorrect words and even cursing or offensive language.  There are

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Why I Advocate – Part 1

Written by: Nancy McCaffrey,  Director of Operations, Terra Vista of Oakbrook Terrace & Alzheimer’s Association Advocacy Ambassador I’m often asked how I got involved with Alzheimer’s care, both professionally and politically.  The reason is personal.  My Grandmother developed dementia when I was still a teenager.  My mother, her only child, was in her 40’s.  Our family lived on the East

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Alzheimer’s and the Holidays, Part 2 – Decorating

Previously, we shared some tips for making holiday meals less stressful for dementia caregivers and the ones they care for. As mentioned, the holidays can create a myriad of issues on their own, but add those to the responsibilities of care-giving and it can easily be to much.  Throughout this holiday season, we will continue to provide helpful tips and suggestions

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