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Why I Advocate – Part 1

Written by: Nancy McCaffrey,  Director of Operations, Terra Vista of Oakbrook Terrace & Alzheimer’s Association Advocacy Ambassador I’m often asked how I got involved with Alzheimer’s care, both professionally and politically.  The reason is personal.  My Grandmother developed dementia when I was still a teenager.  My mother, her only child, was in her 40’s.  Our family lived on the East

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Its Time to Man Up

March is “Women’s History Month” and with that have come numerous online posts and articles about famous women in history, from Rosa Parks to Christa McAulliffe.   Although women have been making history since the existence of mankind, often their stories are given little recognition or not even told.   Currently, there is a large group of women whose stories need

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Don’t Take “No” for an Answer!

One of the most frustrating issues a dementia caregiver faces is the word “no”.   It seems to be the go-to answer for those with Alzheimer’s; “Do you need to go to the bathroom?” No.  “Are you hungry?” No.  “Let’s get you a shower?” No.   Even the most persistent caregiver can be worn down by the constant negative responses.

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Alzheimer’s and the Holidays, Part 4 – Gifting

A huge part of the holiday season is giving gifts.  Whether you like to give or receive, or both, it is an integral part of most celebrations regardless of beliefs.  Many of us struggle each year to find the “perfect” gifts for those in our lives.  If you have a loved one with dementia, then that perfect gift might be

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Alzheimer’s and the Holidays, Part 2 – Decorating

Previously, we shared some tips for making holiday meals less stressful for dementia caregivers and the ones they care for. As mentioned, the holidays can create a myriad of issues on their own, but add those to the responsibilities of care-giving and it can easily be to much.  Throughout this holiday season, we will continue to provide helpful tips and suggestions

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