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14 Spices & Herbs to Use in Meals for Senior Citizens

The progression of Alzheimer’s disease can negatively impact the 5 senses. There are a variety of ways for caregivers to cope with these symptoms. While losing the sense of taste is not dangerous, it can cause seniors to consume less food on a daily basis. To avoid malnutrition and weight loss, it’s important to be familiar with creative ways to
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The Effects of Alzheimer’s Disease On Our 5 Senses

One of the things that makes Alzheimer’s, and all dementia for that matter, so devastating is that it destroys the most important organ we have, the brain. As the control center for our entire body, the brain plays a role in every function. This, of course, includes how our senses work, from perception to reaction. Since different parts of the

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Do Iron-Rich Vegetables like Spinach lead to Alzheimer’s?

Recently published research from the University of Melbourne suggests that iron-rich vegetables may cause a rusting effect on the brain for those who are at risk to develop Alzheimer’s. The study found that those who have a high iron content in their bodies, along with the protein amyloid associated with Alzheimer’s could see a faster decline of cognitive function. Those

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What can you do to help prevent Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s symptoms include short term memory loss, mood swings, confusion and difficulties using language. It typically reveals itself in people 65 and up. Early-onset Alzheimer’s can affect anyone, and very rarely people in their youth. Today, Alzheimer’s affects up to 27 million people worldwide. Although there is not yet a cure for Alzheimer’s, doctors agree that there are preventative measures

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Cooking Tips for Caregivers

It is difficult for anyone to find the time to prepare fresh, healthy meals, let alone a caregiver.  Yet, nutrition is so important for both the caregiver and the person they are caring for.  It is easy, and tempting, to rely on fast food, take out and frozen meals.  However the majority of these foods are sorely lacking in nutrients

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Why I Advocate – Part 2

Sundowning is a term given to those with Alzheimer’s who exhibit an increase in agitation and restlessness in the afternoon.  It has something to do with our circadian rhythm and everything to do with increased confusion.  My responsibility after school was to start the dinner that my mother had usually prepared in advance.  In addition, I was to set the

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Why I Advocate – Part 1

Written by: Nancy McCaffrey,  Director of Operations, Terra Vista of Oakbrook Terrace & Alzheimer’s Association Advocacy Ambassador I’m often asked how I got involved with Alzheimer’s care, both professionally and politically.  The reason is personal.  My Grandmother developed dementia when I was still a teenager.  My mother, her only child, was in her 40’s.  Our family lived on the East

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Alzheimer’s and the Holidays, Part 2 – Decorating

Previously, we shared some tips for making holiday meals less stressful for dementia caregivers and the ones they care for. As mentioned, the holidays can create a myriad of issues on their own, but add those to the responsibilities of care-giving and it can easily be to much.  Throughout this holiday season, we will continue to provide helpful tips and suggestions

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