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Sundowning Symptoms, Risk Factors & Ways to Respond

What Is Sundowning? Individuals with Alzheimer’s disease and other types of dementia can encounter a variety of symptoms at night such as anxiety, insomnia, bewilderment, irritation, and disorientation. This group of symptoms is referred to as Sundowning Syndrome in the healthcare industry. To help you care for a family member with dementia, we have compiled a list of symptoms and

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5 Ways Music Affects Individuals With Alzheimer’s & Dementia

Music is one of the most powerful forms of expression for mankind. It can reach us and affect us while we are still in the womb and take us back in time when we are older. Music has been used to stimulate, entertain, soothe, excite, celebrate, and mourn. In some instances, music may have the ability to break through barriers

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CareMerge Kickoff

Terra Vista is a technology driven Alzheimer’s assisted living community and is excited to announce the kick off of “Vista Social”, our new web based community and family engagement application.  Teaming up with world renowned, CareMerge, an innovative and tech savvy organization who is paving the way to enhance communication within the care community, Vista Social is one more example

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Alzheimer’s and the Holidays, Part 4 – Gifting

A huge part of the holiday season is giving gifts.  Whether you like to give or receive, or both, it is an integral part of most celebrations regardless of beliefs.  Many of us struggle each year to find the “perfect” gifts for those in our lives.  If you have a loved one with dementia, then that perfect gift might be

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Alzheimer’s and the Holidays, Part 3 – Traveling

Traveling, in and of itself, can be daunting on its own.  I’m sure we have all experienced one or more of the pitfalls that can occur during a trip, such as delayed or canceled flights, lost reservations, etc…  These pitfalls can quickly multiply if you are traveling during the holiday season.  Its easy to imagine scenes from “Planes, Trains &

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Alzheimer’s and the Holidays, Part 2 – Decorating

Previously, we shared some tips for making holiday meals less stressful for dementia caregivers and the ones they care for. As mentioned, the holidays can create a myriad of issues on their own, but add those to the responsibilities of care-giving and it can easily be to much.  Throughout this holiday season, we will continue to provide helpful tips and suggestions

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