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14 Herbs and Spices for Dementia Treatment

The progression of Alzheimer’s disease can negatively impact the 5 senses. There are a variety of ways for caregivers to cope with these symptoms. While losing the sense of taste is not dangerous, it can cause seniors to consume less food on a daily basis. To avoid malnutrition and weight loss, it’s important to be familiar with creative ways to
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5 Ways Music Affects Individuals With Alzheimer’s & Dementia

Music is one of the most powerful forms of expression for mankind. It can reach us and affect us while we are still in the womb and take us back in time when we are older. Music has been used to stimulate, entertain, soothe, excite, celebrate, and mourn. In some instances, music may have the ability to break through barriers

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Taking Care of the Caretaker

Take care of yourself first Taking care of yourself, as a caregiver, should be your number one priority. The better you’re taken care of, the more effective you can be in your caretaking role. Unfortunately, this seems to be the most forgotten on the to-do list. The Effects on Your Health When you are in a caregiver role, it is

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Why I Advocate – Part 2

Sundowning is a term given to those with Alzheimer’s who exhibit an increase in agitation and restlessness in the afternoon.  It has something to do with our circadian rhythm and everything to do with increased confusion.  My responsibility after school was to start the dinner that my mother had usually prepared in advance.  In addition, I was to set the

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Why I Advocate – Part 1

Written by: Nancy McCaffrey,  Director of Operations, Terra Vista of Oakbrook Terrace & Alzheimer’s Association Advocacy Ambassador I’m often asked how I got involved with Alzheimer’s care, both professionally and politically.  The reason is personal.  My Grandmother developed dementia when I was still a teenager.  My mother, her only child, was in her 40’s.  Our family lived on the East

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Don’t Take “No” for an Answer!

One of the most frustrating issues a dementia caregiver faces is the word “no”.   It seems to be the go-to answer for those with Alzheimer’s; “Do you need to go to the bathroom?” No.  “Are you hungry?” No.  “Let’s get you a shower?” No.   Even the most persistent caregiver can be worn down by the constant negative responses.

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