How to Visit with your Loved One

As Alzheimer’s disease progresses, it can be difficult to interact with your loved one. It seems like no matter what you do, your loved one is in a bad mood or you seem to upset them. It is very important to always remain alert and conscious when you are meeting with them. This way, you can guarantee to avoid setting off any triggers. Our staff have compiled a list of great things to do during your visits.

Limit the number of people who go to visit at a time. Typically, the more people who are around, the more overwhelming it is for the patient. Try to visit with 1-2 people present. It will put your loved one at ease.

Plan ahead of time. Determine what time of day your loved one is at their best. This way, you can interact with one another when they are most likely to be in a pleasant mood and are not tired.

Minimize distractions during your visit. If you want your visit to be about the two of you, be sure to get rid of anything that could distract your loved one from you being present. It is important to turn off the television, radio and silence telephones. Your loved one will have an easier time focusing on you and only you.

Keep your voice down. Any loud or sudden outbursts from you can startle your loved one. Try to keep your voice at a neutral volume so you do not cause unnecessary excitement. Be sure to always speak slowly and clearly as well.

Discuss the past and try to focus on the things that they can remember. This will lower their levels of frustration and also improve the quality of the visit for you. When you have shared things to talk about, you can appreciate each other.

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