Life Enrichment

At Terra Vista, our initiative to treat the whole person extends into everything we do. Each of our programs and complementary therapies—such as music, art, horticulture, yoga, table tennis, pet, aroma, and light therapy—concentrate on fostering a brain-healthy lifestyle for our residents.

Life Enrichment Activities

Using the Montessori approach, our specified life enrichment stations aim to invoke long-term memories and facilitate new engagement, each day.

Take a look at the many enriching programs Terra Vista has to offer: 

Bell choir
Garden club
Yoga therapy
 Pet therapy
Weekly day trip outings
Music therapy and appreciation
Art therapy
Daily Sensory based programming
Terra Vista in Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois

History of Montessori

Montessori is an educational philosophy and practice developed in the early 1900s by Maria Montessori, an Italian physician, educator and innovator. Dr. Montessori believed that early childhood development is nurtured when a child is able to pursue his/her own interests at his/her own pace. To foster the freedom that this type of self-guided approach to learning requires, Dr. Montessori designed her own materials as well as a specially prepared environment that promotes a young child’s natural desire to seek greater knowledge and understanding.

Leveraging the Montessori Approach as a New Model of Memory Care

At Terra Vista, our commitment to treating the whole person is founded on the Montessori philosophy that a nurturing environment should allow individuals to follow their own interests at their own pace. This approach fosters independence and a sense of achievement for our residents and helps to reduce negative behaviors often associated with dementia.

Unlike other approaches, the Montessori approach to memory care does not focus on the inabilities of individuals living with dementia. Rather, the focus is on enabling individuals with impaired memory to actively use their existing capabilities to engage in meaningful activities that can be recalled as familiar from earlier experiences. In many cases, sensory engagement is used to help dementia residents rediscover the world around them.

Our life enrichment stations create opportunities for residents to reconnect with a familiar world that instills confidence and a sense of purpose and accomplishment. These stations are decorated with excellent color contrast and use simple instructional wording that encourages engagement. They are also adapted over time based on the individual life stories of our memory care residents often using specific objects to help trigger memories. For example, one of the stations features a clothes basket with a request to ‘Please help fold the clothes.’ A resident can take charge of a familiar task and enjoy a sense of accomplishment when the clothing items are folded and placed on the adjacent dresser shelf. Another station features the Snozelen® model where a variety of visuals, colors and textures are used to promote sensory stimulation. Other life enrichment stations such as a ‘kitchen’ and ‘garage’ setting offer a safe environment that taps into past hobbies and occupations.

Programs like Terra Vista’s signature art and music therapy programs enhance the Montessori approach via the freedom of expression and creativity fostered by our talented and compassionate life enrichment team.

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Memory Care Programs & Events

Whether tending the flowers, vegetables, and herbs in our Garden Club or participating with our music therapist during interactive piano sing-alongs, residents live an active, stimulating, and social life at Terra Vista. 

Terra Vista’s commitment to art therapy programs are unparalleled. We strongly believe in the power of communication via art and the impact it has on our residents. To learn more about our Masterpiece art therapy program, please watch this video narrated by one of our very own programs coordinators.

Additional to our various activities, we offer spiritual programs, from weekly rosary and communion to monthly Catholic or Protestant services. Terra Vista also proudly partners with local organizations such as the Red Hat Society to lead purposeful community projects.

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Terra Vista’s commitment to life enrichment ensures meaningful moments for your loved one. To learn more about our programs, contact one of our memory experts today.

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