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Specialized Programs

InnerWalk™ Multi-Sensory Courtyard

Our InnerWalk™, the most expansive multisensory outdoor courtyard for memory care in the region, integrates cognitive activities and markers designed to stimulate the senses while promoting cognitive and physical skills.

Your loved one and your entire family will enjoy herb and butterfly gardens, horticultural therapy planting boxes, dancing waters and visual icons– just some of the elements of this unique Dementia-Capable Environment. There is nothing like it anywhere in the region.

Innovative Brain Games

Brain Games stimulate healthy brain function by helping your family member exercise crucial brain skills such as memory, concentration, problem-solving, processing speed, language and visual-spatial recognition. These brain games are proven methods of maintaining and enhancing brain health by:

  • Improving “working” memory and stimulating the brain on a daily basis
  • Strengthening the ability to pay attention to the right things — the things that will help your loved one solve the task at hand — while learning to ignore things that don’t help
  • Enhancing skills and capabilities relating to problem solving, memory, attention, and agility
  • Incorporating concentration and repetition techniques that spur memory and creativity

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