Compassionate Family Support

Caregiver Coaching Center

Our Family Caregiver Training Program offers coaching on dementia care, research and training to help you take a participatory role and feel less overwhelmed with skill-building workshops on communication, feeding, bathing and other essentials.

Private Consultations

We are always available for individualized, personalized and private consultation to families who might be struggling with balancing their roles as caregivers, spouses, parents and professionals.

Stay-Connected Technology

Maintaining your connection and unique relationship with your loved one is almost as important as medical management, so we do all we can to facilitate the conversation. Our technologies, mobile features and apps enable your family to easily come together to share news and good times.

With CareMerge™ and other specially developed “stay-connected” apps, you and other family members can view our calendar of events, see life in action through videos and photos, schedule meaningful visits, receive notifications of activity attendance, find out when the next doctor’s visit is scheduled and more.

Real-Time HIPPA-Secure Staff Chats

You and other authorized family members can communicate with authorized staff members in a secure, HIPAA-compliant manner. Staff can even send photos of your loved ones enjoying Terra Vista activities.

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